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Storyboard Fundamentals Workshop Bundle

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This bundle contains...

This bundle includes the first 3 recordings of the Storyboarding Fundamentals Workshop Series!

SFS1: Analytical Gesture Drawing Workshop

SFS2: The Umbrella Method for Storyboarding Workshop

SFS3: Animation TV Storyboarding Workshop

Each workshop builds on top of the previous topic through the Storyboarding Fundamentals Workshop series. This is a great package of information for storyboarding beginners looking for a great value of information at an affordable price.

All workshops include:

  • Lecture Recordings
  • Lecture slides
  • Video Assets

About Your Instructor: Andy Cung is currently a Director, Writer, and Storyboard Artist based in LA. He has worked at studios such as: Netflix, Titmouse, Glen Keane Productions, Cartoon Network, Disney, NBCUniversal, and Comedy Central. He has experience in a range of projects from board driven to script driven as well as live action & animation. Past credits: Powerpuff Girls, CODE 8, Trash Truck, Arlo: The Alligator Boy, I <3 Arlo Series, CODE 8: PART II, Quiz Lady, AZNBBGRL, Nora from Queens

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Storyboard Fundamentals Workshop Bundle

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