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This 8-week online course focuses on the fundamentals required of a Storyboard Revisionist. The class will go through weekly topics such perspective, camera, gesture drawing, putting drawings on model, cleaning up thumbnails, and addressing storyboarding notes. This course will be a good introductory into storyboarding as being a Storyboard Revisionist is usually an entry-level job into the animation industry.

Each lecture will have a weekly assignment to drill you on the specific topics.

The first half of the class will focus on the technical skills required of a Storyboard Revisionist while the second half will focus on the application of what is required of a Storyboard Revisionist.

Classes will be streamed weekly through Crowdcast and there will be a class Discord for students to engage in.


  • Live lectures with Q&A meets every weekly WEDNESDAY from 6PM-7:20PM (PST)
  • Lecture Portion (1 Hour) + Q&A Portion (20 Minutes)
  • Class begins January 24, 2024 and ends March 13, 2024 (**UPDATED SCHEDULE**)
  • Weekly Office Hour for Feedback Tier Students meet every WEDNESDAY 7:30-8:30PM PST


  • Week 1:¬†Perspective + Camera
  • Week 2: Mannequin + Storyboard Shorthand
  • Week 3: Putting Drawings on Model
  • Week 4: Multi-Cam Boarding (Staging/Acting) Part 1
  • Week 5: Multi-Cam Boarding (Staging/Acting) Part 2
  • Week 6: Action Notes / Notating Boards
  • Week 7: Class Summary / Guest Speaker
  • Week 8: Industry Tips / Guest Speaker


  • Lectures will be recorded weekly for you to watch in case you cannot make the live lectured Q&A.
  • Feedback will be pre-recorded for you to watch.
  • Weekly recordings and downloadable assets will be taken down a month after the class ends
  • NO MAKE-UP HOMEWORK FEEDBACK IF YOU MISS THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE (There will be a strict homework submission policy)
  • NO REFUND (please double check your schedule and make your you can commit to the class)
  • Suggested Materials: Photoshop (any version) and/or Toon Boom Storyboard Pro (any version), pens, pencils, loose paper. No need to purchase Storyboard Pro prior to class

ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Andy Cung is currently a Director, Writer, and Storyboard Artist based in LA. He has worked at studios such as: Netflix, Titmouse, Glen Keane Productions, Cartoon Network, Disney, NBCUniversal, and Comedy Central. He has experience in a range of projects from board driven to script driven as well as live action & animation. Past credits: Powerpuff Girls, CODE 8, Trash Truck, Arlo: The Alligator Boy, I <3 Arlo Series, CODE 8: PART II, Sisters, AZNBBGRL, Nora from Queens

Please be respectful of the instructor and artists work and do not re-post or re-share content without permission. Illegal streaming or recordings will affect independent livelihood of artists and instructors. Thank you!

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