Intro to Storyboarding for Animation

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Intro to Storyboarding for Animation

Andy Cung
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This 8-week online course focuses on the fundamentals storyboarding for Intro to Storyboarding for Animation. The class will go through weekly topics such script break downs, shot coverage, character acting, character blocking, character POV, shot-designing, editing, and storyboard pitching. We will work with limited camera set-ups so that we can focus on character acting, shot progression, and editing. This course will be a good entry level point for anyone that is new to storyboarding for animation.

Each lecture will have a weekly assignment to drill you on the specific topics.

The first half of the class will focus on the technical skills while the second half will focus on the application of storyboarding with limited camera set-ups.

Classes will be streamed weekly through Crowdcast and there will be a class Discord for students to engage in.

There is no prerequisite needed as each class can stand alone on its own.


  • Live lectures with Q&A meets every weekly Thursday from 6PM-7:20PM (PST)
  • Lecture Portion (1 Hour) + Q&A Portion (20 Minutes)
  • Class begins March 30, 2023 and ends May 18, 2023
  • Weekly Office Hour for Feedback Tier Students meet every Thursday 7:30-8:30PM PST (GROUP A) / 8:35-9:35PM PST (GROUP B)


  • Week 1: Script Break Down
  • Week 2: Thumbnails / Shot Coverage
  • Week 3: Acting + Blocking
  • Week 4: Character POV
  • Week 5: Shot Designing
  • Week 6: Editing
  • Week 7: Storyboard Pitching
  • Week 8: Class Summary / Guest Speaker


  • Lectures will be recorded weekly for you to watch in case you cannot make the live lectured Q&A.
  • Feedback will be pre-recorded for you to watch.
  • Weekly recordings and downloadable assets will be taken down a month after the class ends
  • NO MAKE-UP HOMEWORK FEEDBACK IF YOU MISS THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE (There will be a strict homework submission policy)
  • NO REFUND ONCE CLASS STARTS (please double check your schedule and make your you can commit to the class)
  • Suggested Materials: Photoshop (any version) and/or Toon Boom Storyboard Pro (any version), pens, pencils, loose paper. No need to purchase Storyboard Pro prior to class

ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Andy Cung is currently a Director, Writer, and Storyboard Artist based in LA. He has worked at studios such as: Netflix, Titmouse, Glen Keane Productions, Cartoon Network, Disney, NBCUniversal, and Comedy Central. He has experience in a range of projects from board driven to script driven as well as live action & animation. Past credits: Powerpuff Girls, CODE 8, Trash Truck, Arlo: The Alligator Boy, I <3 Arlo Series, CODE 8: PART II, Sisters, AZNBBGRL, Nora from Queens

Please be respectful of the instructor and artists work and do not re-post or re-share content without permission. Illegal streaming or recordings will affect independent livelihood of artists and instructors. Thank you!

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