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Storyboarding Mentorship (Intermediate/Advance)

This 8-week online 1:1 individual Storyboarding Mentorship will meet once a week 1-hour. The objective of this mentorship is for the mentee to create their own unique storyboard portfolio piece OR if the mentee wants a focused storyboarding mentorship to develop their skillsets and fundamentals in storyboarding.

The mentorship will be personally catered to the mentee's storyboard needs

The mentorship aims to increase the mentee's skills and understanding in story, camera, editing, and problem solving. Mentee is expected to show up and put in the work as they are still responsible for their own growth outside of the weekly meetings. Please be ready to dedicate and devote your time in order to achieve your goals so you can get the most out of this mentorship.

This mentorship is for students who have experience in storyboarding and are proficient in drawing gestures, perspectives and environments

*** Andy Cung will not be offering any portfolio driven storyboarding classes for a while - This Private Mentorship will be an alternative if you're interested in developing a storyboarding portfolio piece with Andy Cung ***

Mentorship Details:

  • Storyboarding Level: Intermediate / Advance
  • Drawing Level: Proficient enough to storyboard
  • Objective: Create a storyboard portfolio piece in 8-weeks
  • Tentative start date: February 11, 2024 and Tentative end date: March 31, 2024
  • Meet once a week for 1-hour
  • Mentorship will be held online using GoToMeetings
  • Specific meeting date will be chosen once after meeting with the mentees and agreeing on a time that is best for the individual
  • Mentee will have their own personalized plans and objectives during the mentorship
  • Mentee will be given weekly assignments based on their unique needs
  • Mentorship sessions will be recorded for them to keep
  • TUITION: $2000 (USD)
  • INSTALLMENT PLANS are offered (2 payments of $1000)
  • Each payment of the installment will guarantee a certain number of weeks
  • If you wish to inquire about the mentorship please email at: with the subject title 'Mentorship'
  • NO REFUND ONCE MENTORSHIP BEGINS (please double check your schedule and make your you can commit to the mentorship)
  • Suggested Materials: Photoshop (any version) and/or Toon Boom Storyboard Pro (any version), pens, pencils, loose paper. No need to purchase Storyboard Pro prior to class


"I highly recommend taking this class. The lessons I got from this helped push one of my storyboard scenes to the next level and ultimately received positive feedback from industry professionals!" - Maurits Valk

"I wouldn't be where I am in my storyboarding journey if it wasn't for Andy. He has definetely changed the direction of how storyboarding is taught, as he breaks down what is commonly an overwhelming process into digestible steps. Because of him, I sometimes feel like I have storyboarding secrets that not many know. He is a kind person who clearly cares for his student's success. I came out of that class with a board that got me my job as a story revisionist. The more you put into his class, the more you get out of it. And I'm not just talking skill. I'm only a Revisionist now but when he spent time on my board, I sometimes I felt we were two directors solving one storyboard together. It was a 6 week class of solving the question: how to make our characters feel alive. That experience was awesome." - William Heng

"Andy is passionate and clearly loves what he does, and he will always try to make sure you walk away from his classes with a better understanding. The lessons you will learn from his classes will be ones that you will use for years to come as a student or a working professional. He is an instructor who will root you deeply within foundations, and as you continue to take his classes he will, of course, help you build upon it. When it comes to criticism towards your work he is clear and straight forward, then will work with you throughout the process to help you communicate better through your drawings and boards. I’ve completed 3 classes with him; Analytical Gesture Drawing, SB2, and How to Board an Animated Scene, along with a couple of workshops sprinkled in between. Since taking his classes I feel more confident in my abilities as a story teller and an artist, and have improved a lot over the course of a few months. Andy puts a lot of time energy into each student to make sure their needs are met, and is easy to approach about any classroom concerns, needed criticism, career advice, etc as well. I highly recommend any of his classes, especially How to Storyboard an Animated Scene, as I’ve taken a lot out of the lectures and feedback sessions." - Elaine Page

ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Andy Cung is currently a Director, Writer, and Storyboard Artist based in LA. He has worked at studios such as: Netflix, Titmouse, Glen Keane Productions, Cartoon Network, Disney, NBCUniversal, and Comedy Central. He has experience in a range of projects from board driven to script driven as well as live action & animation. Past credits: Powerpuff Girls, CODE 8, Trash Truck, Arlo: The Alligator Boy, I <3 Arlo Series, CODE 8: PART II, Quiz Lady, AZNBBGRL, Nora from Queens

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Storyboarding Mentorship (Intermediate/Advance)